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Advance Biotech
Atlas Health Europe
Barefoot Nutrition

It’s our mission to provide you with the most natural and bioavailable products we can. We promise never to use any synthetic fillers, binders, colours or excipients. Thoughtful supplementation is our goal!

Our barefoot philosophy takes natural living and paleo principles in to food supplements, properly! If, like us you are trying to live a proactive life, eating healthy food, exercising regularly and avoiding toxins where you can, then Barefoot Nutrition is the way for you.

The Barefoot way:
– Naturally derived, bioactive ingredients
– Healthful Blends and dosages
– Zero artificial additives
– Responsible Packaging

British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)

The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) is the professional body for Registered Nutritional Therapists. Its primary function is to assist its members in attaining the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, competence and professional practice, in order to protect the client’s interests; nutritional therapy and the registered nutrition practitioner.


Bio-Kult is a range of scientifically developed multi-strain formulations that complement the
existing gut flora naturally present in a healthy person’s digestive system. The line-up includes the original formulation containing 14 strains of live bacteria targeting the digestive tract, Bio-Kult Infantis with omega 3 and vitamin D3 to help support the immune system, Bio-Kult Candéa with garlic and grapefruit extract targeting the intimate flora, Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan with cranberry extract and vitamin A to support the urinary tract. And the latest addition to the family Bio-Kult Migréa, with vitamin B6 and magnesium to target the digestive tract and head.


BioMedica is an Australian company synonymous with exceptionally high quality nutraceuticals developed by practitioners, for practitioners. BioMedica’s growing reputation is founded upon quality, efficacy, and unique no to low excipient formulations; along with our dedication to preserving and enhancing the role of the holistic practitioner through our stringent practitioner only sales policy.
As a qualified practitioner you can apply for access to our practitioner only website to view information about BioMedica’s unique products and services, technical support and educational materials. Our unique clinical range is available in the UK from The Natural Dispensary and Amrita Nutrition.


Bimuno® is a galactooligosaccharide (GOS) prebiotic fibre which increases levels of naturally occurring bifidobacteria in 7 days.

Bimuno is available as a daily supplement in powder sachets as Bimuno DAILY and in pastille form as Bimuno IBAID and Bimuno TRAVELAID.

Suitable for ages 4 years and over.

Now available at NaturalDispensary.com. Also available at Boots, Holland & Barrett and Bimuno.com.

Boley Nutraceuticals
Celtic Wind Crops
CBD Pharma
Cytoplan is a unique science-based supplement company exclusively supplying the needs of health care professionals and their patients. Cytoplan is a leader in the field of food-based supplementation and our emphasis is on quality, innovation and efficacy of product. We work closely with Doctors and scientists to produce products which are highly bio-effective, truly innovative and backed by research and studies. We consider that the supplements most appropriate and safe for human ingestion are those in which the nutrients are presented in the same form as those in food – as the nutrients are in our Food State and Wholefood supplements. We are owned by a charitable organisation and we make regular donations to charities and those in need. We aim to make a significant contribution to the health of our customers and this is more important to us than profit. All our products are conceived by common sense, grounded in science and proven with results. Cytoplan products are for those who are serious about health, trust that nature holds the key to real health and want a company they can believe in.

Providing elegant science for health, beauty and wellness.
With the mission to improve our customers’ lifestyle and benefit their lives for the future, elénzia was founded with the vision of bringing high class, innovative scientific solutions for health, beauty and wellness to life. From our technical background in the health, nutrition and cosmetic industry and after years of using an array of products ourselves, it came to our attention that there are innovative scientific actives that mass market brands do not employ.
As a family fronted brand house, elénzia has the dedicated time to provide our customers with exclusive, scientifically proven products that will leave them feeling and looking exceptional.

Enzyme Science
Good Health Naturally
G & G Food Supplies Ltd

HealthAid® is a leading supplier of branded vitamins, minerals and supplements in the UK over 30 years. Its extensive product portfolio consists of over 560 products, which is stocked in over 4,000 Independent pharmacies and health food shops; it is also distributed to more than 60 countries worldwide. HealthAid® is dedicated to supplying premium quality products that have been formulated by experts, scientifically researched, using unique and innovative formulations, which contains only the finest ingredients, produced in GMP approved premises, and is supported by across the board distribution network, with a highly experienced professional sales team supported by world class marketing and nutritional expertise.

Hifas Da Terra

Hifas da Terra is a multi-awarded Spanish Biotechnology Company, leader in Mycotherapy, focusing on the healing power of medicinal mushrooms as natural immunomodulators,

Our innovative organic products are based on scientific evidence for the well-known family of natural active principles found in superior fungi (mushrooms), with an special interest in integrative medicine, nutritional supplements, functional food and derma cosmetics.

Institute for Optimum Nutrition

The Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) is a higher education institution specialising in nutrition and lifestyle sciences education and professional training. Established for thirty-five years it is one of the most respected training bodies of its kind in Europe.

Uniquely dual-accredited by NTEC and BAC, our flagship diploma courses educate students to become Registered Nutritional Therapists on accredited professional qualification programmes. Leaders in our industry, we create a stimulating, challenging and rewarding learning experience, through sharing a unique fusion of education, research and professional practice and inspiring our students and staff to enrich our communities.

Invivo Clinical

Invivo is centred around healthcare professionals and scientists, brought together by a shared understanding of the innate biological complexity inherent in all ecosystems. It is these ecosystems that shape our health.

We respect that human health is indivisible from the communities of microorganisms that live within, and outside of us. In that vein, we develop plant, nutrient and microorganism-based therapeutics to assist clinicians in modifying human health and disease. We consider these therapeutic developments to be leading the way in combating the rise of chronic disease and the reductionist approach to medicine.

Ki Science
Kinetic Natural Products Distributer

Kinetic Natural Product Distributors are suppliers of ethical, natural, vegan and organic beauty, nutrition and superfood brands to the health food industry, pharmacy and practitioners for over 23 years.

Within their portfolio is the US’s No1 nutrition brand Garden of Life. They are the leading organic, 100% wholefood and non-GMO verified nutrition brand. They lead the digestive health category with scientifically validated Microbiome Formulas targeting specific gender/age/health needs.

Lamberts Healthcare

Lamberts® has been supplying nutritional and herbal supplements in the nutrition industry for over 30 years. We are the leading experts in producing the highest quality products at relevant potencies, based on an in-depth understanding of the latest research. We also provide training and support, including one-to-one training and seminars, which are recognised for CPD hours by BANT and the NNA. For further information, or to receive a registration pack, please call us on 01892 554313.

Link Nutrition
Microbiome Labs

Kiran Krishnan, Research Microbiologist and Tom Bayne, Functional Medicine Doctor founded Microbiome Labs to produce innovative, first-to-market nutritional supplements, utilising pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Microbiome Labs products are for qualified Health Practitioners ONLY. MegaSporeBiotic – The most effective bacteriotherapy product available, supporting digestive & immune function. Provides immune modulation for prevention & treatment of leaky gut, infections, allergies & asthma. Antibiotic-resistant for use during antibiotic treatment. RestorFlora – Created to prevent & treat diarrhoea. MegaQuinone –Nine out of ten people may be at risk from vitamin K2 deficiency. MegaQuinone delivers vital health benefits, including reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer & osteoporosis.

Natural Trade Brokers
New Roots Herbal

New Roots Herbal is a GMP compliant, Health Canada–licensed Canadian company with 33 years of experience. It manufactures high-quality, fully laboratory tested, well-researched and effective nutritional supplements. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and certified accredited laboratory ensures both quality control and assurance for public use. New Roots is a privately-owned company and has a team of over 100 individuals that include scientists and naturopathic doctors to formulate and deliver a professional product. The extensive product line covers a wide array of health issues that includes probiotics, essential fatty acids, enzymes, plant extracts, and a rich variety of formulas designed to strengthen the synergy between each of their components. The company’s mission is to produce the most therapeutic nutraceutical formulas and single ingredients designed for the prevention and management of illness, and to promote well-being.

NNA (Naturopathic Nutrition Association)
Nouveau Health

Nouveau Health is on a mission is to change the way individuals manage their health and well-being, and create a better quality of life for those affected.

We pride ourselves in standing by our slogan “Innovations in Health”. Our search for innovation has led us on a journey to find you not only the most innovative products, but the most well-researched and scientifically backed ingredients that are high in quality and have a positive impact on the way you manage your day to day health.

Exclusive Distributors of TOXAPREVENT®, Dolovent and HeliPass in the UK & ROI

Nutritionist’s Blend Limited
Nutri Advanced
In 1981, leading naturopath Norman Eddie and his son Ken established their family business and set out to raise awareness among health professionals about the benefits of nutritional supplements. As the natural health industry developed, Nutri Advanced began to win the trust of practitioners across the country. Nutri Advanced, still headed by Ken Eddie, has been challenging the conventions of mainstream medicine, offering a range of cutting edge nutritional supplements and providing unrivalled customer support for over 35 years. Nutri Advanced also work closely with global leaders in functional medicine, such as Metagenics, to develop ground-breaking new products.
Omega Diagnostics Ltd (Ely)

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading microbiology institutes, and are dedicated to developing an expert range of the highest quality. Our range consists of 12 condition specific live cultures supplements which we sell on to health food stores and independent pharmacies nationwide.

Pharma Nord

ProLon® Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD) plan has been created by Professor Valter Longo, the world leader in longevity and fasting and the Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California.
Professor Longo’s work has been published in top scientific journals like Cell, Nature, Science, Journal of Translational Medicine, and covered by top global media.

ProLon® is a 5-day plant-based dietary programme that mimics fasting while providing the body with the nutrition it needs. The stomach receives food while the metabolism fasts.

ProLon® nourishes the body while promoting regenerative & rejuvenating changes, including positive effects on a wide range of markers that contribute to aging, such as cholesterol, inflammation & fasting glucose. Studies have also shown it to have a positive impact on skin, hair, as well as improved immune system and energy levels. ProLon® is currently being recommended by hundreds of integrative health and functional medicine practitioners in the US and UK. 

Register with us as a practitioner for access to detailed product information, scientific research and to become a stockist. Further details can be found on our website at www.prolon.co.uk. Orders can be taken via website, telephone or email with free shipping throughout the UK.

Pure Encapsulations

For more than 25 years, Pure Encapsulations has produced hypoallergenic, research-based food supplements. Available through health professionals, our products are meticulously formulated using pure ingredients and designed to deliver predictable results, even for the most sensitive people. Pure Encapsulations offers you a wide selection of products that can be personalised to address a range of health functions and help you reach your wellness goals.

Rio Health

Rio Health is a supplier and distributor of natural products from around the world, specialising in a wide range of whole plant South American botanicals, including Pau d’Arco (Lapacho), Suma (Pfaffia) and Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip seed oil). The Rio Amazon collection consists of botanical extracts and superfoods including Maca, Graviola (soursop), Quebra Pedra and
the award-winning natural and organic skincare range Rio Rosa Mosqueta. Rio Health is the UK distributor for Silidyn, Green Magma, Best Choice, Epigenar and NutraMedix.


Solgar’s story started in 1947, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, when the three founders acted upon a
shared belief: it is better to prevent diseases with good nutrition than to treat them with pharmaceuticals. This founding principle underlines the brand’s philosophy of achieving holistic health through wellness – and the passion and commitment of its founding fathers to produce the highest quality, health and wellness supplements, driven by science and nature, remain unchanged.

Specialist Supplements

Wholesale suppliers of specialist private label health foods and supplements (including organic, vegan and free-from ranges), to practitioners and other trade customers worldwide. Our products are manufactured in the UK under GMP and ISO 9001 standards. We can help you set up your own brand, quickly, easily and at a price you can afford. Products can be purchased in bulk, or on an individual basis. We can also dispatch direct (dropship) to your customers, including under your own label. We have no minimum orders.

The Natural Dispensary

The Natural Dispensary is a nutritional supplement mail order company, dedicated to practitioners and their clients. With over 12,000 practitioner prescribed products under one roof, our aim is to provide an efficient one stop service. As a registered practitioner, you can benefit from favourable practitioner prices and only one account to manage. Both you and your clients can save time and effort, as well as postage and packaging, by buying different brands of supplements from only one distributor. Orders can be placed via website, telephone or email with the option of delivery direct to clinic or clients. We are here to help. www.naturaldispensary.co.uk

The Nutrition Coach
The Really Healthy Company

The Really Healthy Company supplies a specialist natural range of therapeutic food supplements for helping your clients reach optimum health, including immunomodulators, liquid probiotics, potent detoxifiers, antioxidant complexes, anti-inflammatories, enzymes, fermented nutrients and organic algae. Products include: Biobran, ultimate immune support and part of Dr. Pfeifer’s breast/prostate protocols; Prostasol, Imupros and other Medpro products; and the Premier Research Labs’ professional range. Also Micromax for probiotic gut support; our Alpha range, containing some of the best value high-quality antioxidant and anti-inflammatory complexes; Flowease, flower pollen extract; and our organic Klamath Algae which provides powerful wholefood phytonutrients.

Vitae Natural Nutrition
VITAE Natural Nutrition is a laboratory developing high quality nutritional supplements based on the physiological and homeostatic principles of the body. Our products help our body to naturally activate and recover the dynamics of these mechanisms. Our mission is to offer premium quality natural supplements and vitamins that provide significant health benefits, maintaining optimum health to enjoy life full of vitality. All our products are made with materials which are produced with the highest respect for the environment and are produced following the strictest quality and traceability controls, understanding that this is the only way to guarantee the purity, quality and maximum utilization of all products.
Whey Forward Health Industries
How It Works The ZYTO Hand Cradle measures galvanic skin response (GSR) and sends that data to the ZYTO software where it is correlated to various Virtual Items that represent supplements, clinic services, etc. Virtual Items that produce more coherent or positive responses are referred to as the user’s biological preference. For additional details about how the process works, watch The ZYTO Scan – How It Works. ”I love my ZYTO Elite 5.0 program. It has allowed me to expand my Health & Wellness Practice with confidence that I am getting individualized analysis for each of my clients.” -Gwen Jones Growing Your Practice with ZYTO Many practitioners have used ZYTO technology to increase customer satisfaction and grow their practices. They include:

  • Naturopaths
  • Nutritionists
  • Herbalists
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Biological dentists
  • And more

Watch this Clinic showcase to find out how one innovative practitioner uses ZYTO technology and a Remote scanning feature to extend his practice globally.

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